Meet Aaron Rouse.

Aaron was raised in Friendship Village within the historic Seatack community. He graduated from First Colonial High School and went on to attend Virginia Tech, playing football on a scholarship for the Hokies. After college, Aaron was drafted in the NFL to play for the Green Bay Packers.

After a successful career in the NFL, Aaron decided to return home to serve his community. He coached boys football at Virginia Beach Middle School, started a local non-profit to serve young students in need, and today serves as a mentor to many student-athletes.  Aaron’s grandfather served in the Army and taught him the principle of leadership by example – not to talk about change but to be the change.

Aaron plans to bring a new generation of leadership to City Council and provide a fresh voice to local government – one that lauds service & leadership and appreciates the full fabric of Virginia Beach. He wants to see his hometown become a model coastal city for all who live here and those that visit.

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On The Issues

Economic Growth

Support economic growth for ALL of Virginia Beach, from Bayside to Pungo and everywhere in between. Also work together as a region to increase economic opportunity.

Sea Level Rise & Flooding

Work with local, state, and federal government officials to ensure our city develops a plan to address and protect our city from sea-level rise and flooding.

Veteran Families

Veteran families deserve a place to call home after bravely serving our country. I plan to expand job opportunities for them here in Virginia Beach.

Infrastructure Reform

Improve outdated infrastructure and safeguard regular public maintenance & improvement, while addressing traffic congestion and parking issues. We need infrastructure capable of handling flooding.

Teacher & Public Safety Pay

Fair and competitive compensation and benefits for our teachers and public safety workers to increase retention. They are the backbone of our community.

Business Equality

Promote business equality for all businesses, small and large. Create transparency for local contracts to ensure there is an equal playing field.

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We need your help to elect a new generation of leadership to Virginia Beach City Council! Pitch in today!

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